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Automatic External Defibrillators (AED's) in Henley
and the surrounding area

At the moment there are 7 AED's in the area that the Henley CFR group keep an eye on and arrange maintenance if required. We visit all of the sites every two months and maintain a record of the current status of each of these life saving machines.

Before the closure of the Henley Golf Club the CFR Group were in talks with the senior section of the golf club to assist them in setting up a charity to finance the ongoing maintenance of the AED's in the area. Since the Golf Club no longer exists the money raised by the seniors has been donated to the CFRs on the understanding that it will be used to maintain the existing AED's and to provide additional one.

We are currently looking at providing two additional sites in Henley and hope to get these AED's out into the community soon.

If anyone would like to get to know how to use an AED, we will be happy to arrange an awareness session as soon as we are able to, once the pandemic is controlled.

Henley CFR '100 Club' - suspended due to Covid

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic the Henley 100 Club has been suspended for the time being. All current members have been informed and any one who has not received a refund of their future payments should contact the acting treasure to arange a refund.

Would you like to join the Henley CFR Team? If so please contact Janet on 01564 792533
or John on 01564 797949 to learn more.